The Houston Intersex Society (THIS) was founded June 27, 2012. The mission of the organization is to support and help end shame for those that were born intersex, DSD, hermaphrodite, eunuch, zwitter, and etc..

The intention of this group is to create dialogue, offer support, build our community, understand the depth of our identity, and foster friendship.

We represent our dual nature with the symbol of the Feng Huang phoenix.  It is a mythical creature of Chinese legend that is composed of the male Feng and female Huang birds.

Feng Huang


Recent Posts

The Illumination of Houston City Hall for Intersex Visibility Month

On Sunday October 25th, the City of Houston will be honoring Intersex Visibility Month by illuminating City Hall green!


We will gather on the Reflection Pool side of City Hall at 7pm.

The Co-Founders of the Houston Intersex Society will be talking about living life as an intersex person and what you can do to help create more awareness and visibility on intersex rights.

RSVP via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/163673667309897/

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