Community Links

A list of other Intersex organizations & blogs. (Get added to this list by emailing us at

Accord Alliance:


AISSG Australia:

AIS/DSD Parents Support Group:

AIS/DSD Support Group for Women and Families:

Barriers Outside – Taiwan:

Beautiful You MRKH Foundation:

Bodies Like Ours:

Caitlin Childs:

CARES Foundation:

Claudia Astorino:

CAH Education & Support Network:

GrApSIA (Spain):

HEA (Hypospadias & Epispadias Association):

Hida Viloria:

the Houston Intersex Society:



Intersex Allies:

Intersex Germany:

Intersex Initiative:

Intersex Roadshow (Dr. Cary Costello)

Intersex Society of North America:

Intersex Trust Aotearoa New Zealand:

Intersex UK:


Michael Kreuzer:

Organisation Intersex International Australia:

Organisation Intersex International NZ (Aotearoa):

Organisation Intersex International USA:

Phuong Curia {Zwitterland!} :

Tiger Devore:

Zollies Spot:

Zwischengeschlecht (Zurich, Switzerland):


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